#GFTalks Monthly Networking – Dr. Zayra Rubin

All are welcome to join us #GFTalks in November for our Inspiring Guest Speaker – Dr. Zarya Rubin!
Dr. Zarya Rubin is a Harvard-educated functional medicine physician, burnout expert, and keynote speaker. She helps passionate, high-achieving women get to the root cause of chronic symptoms and stress so that they can heal from the inside out and truly thrive. 
She is the founder and CEO of Dr. Zarya, a boutique functional medicine practice in Portland, OR.

This month’s Special Guest Speaker is at the top of her game and can lend strong leadership.

Please join us and meet the wonderful, Brenda R. Bryan!!

All are welcome to join and meet other Women in Business who are passionate & have purpose! There is no price sticker for filling a gap and creating a life you are meant to live fearlessly, especially with her helping you to love your Personal Self-Expression!!!

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The event is finished.

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