She’s Hungry – Coming for Seconds

Back for more, we are hosting the 2nd She’s Hungry event, hosted again by the wonderful team at My Financial Girlfriend at their HQ!

5pm-6pm | Doors Open! Wine Drinking + Networking with Intention!
6pm-8pm | She’s Hungry Introduction + MFG Money Mindset Talk + Wine Meditation with Spirit Horse Vineyards
8pm-9pm | Call To Action, Why This Is The Community You Need

What This Isn’t.
Mindless Networking, An MLM, An Environment to “Just Get By” In

Why We Are Different?
We ACTUALLY give a sh*t. Together we believe in serving first and how we can genuinely help each other with our skill sets and our stories to make a difference in our lives and ultimately our businesses.

**Bring a friend and enter code: FRIEND2019 for 5$ off and to BOTH be entered in the raffle to win a bottle of Race Horse Rosé**

Ticket breakdown:
20% “Off The Vine” Leadership program for foster kids and rescued race horses
30% taxessss, gotta love em
25% Squad App Development Expenses
25% She’s Hungry Expenses

People who attend this event will get ground floor access to the She’s Hungry Squad App which is releasing August 1st, 2019.

*Featured Content from women who are ACTUALLY DOING IT.
*Exclusive Member Held Events
*Directory to Search for Specific Skill Sets within the Community
*Member-Only Workshops
*Group Coaching
*Invite Only Wine Club
*Member Only Trips (Think Napa Wineries and New Zealand Wine Tours)

** $5 from every ticket sale will be donated to “Off The Vine” Program for Foster girl at the Equine Therapy Center**


& The Kitchen Sink
>>Hi, My name is Cait. I moved out here to Portland, OR from Pennsylvania three years ago with little to my name and without knowing a single person. I came out here to be a food photographer, but every time I went to a networking event I felt like I didn’t belong because (a) I didn’t know anyone to refer anyone to, and (b) didn’t have the money to invest in these businesses because rent.

I still am a food photographer out here, but now my passion has grown into so much more.

Now, it is to empower a community to create, inspire, and boldly share their passion for the purpose of collective growth, collaboration, and unity. This is truly why I believe we are here. I don’t want another women to bravely show up in this space and feel like she isn’t or doesn’t have enough. So I’m hoping we can build the community to influence that.

This evening will be filled with wine, snacks, community, but this time we stepped our game up with an intention in worth. #ShesWORTHY Because every time a woman says yes to herself, the next thing is always questioning. “Can I really do this?” ‘How will I do this?” “Am I skilled/smart/creative/etc enough to do this?” We’d like to help give you some tools to shut that voice up for good.

Check out my podcast on iTunes called She’s Hungry or my website:

We will have Lisa Brumm of My Financial Girlfriend speaking specifically to money mindset and self worth, we have Heather from Spirit Horse Vineyards leading a guided wine meditation on worth and self love, and some #dirtytruth talk about next steps and how to get there. Plus obv. wine mingling, “Serving Not Selling” Networking, and meeting some more badass bosses in your community!

The energy was infectious, and the community showed up ready to rumble with authenticity and truth; I can’t wait to see what we stir up this time!

So schedule a play date for the kids, mark it on your calendars, and join us to party for your second helping and MORE of the She’s Hungry June Event!

Xx, Cait

The event is finished.

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