Rock Your Divorce – Things to Know before Finding an Attorney!

Ready to know more about your money in a Divorce Split?

This workshop will concentrate on items to do before you see an Attorney and place to feel empowered and get what you deserve, not what you want to settle out from…Yes, even a hopeful process about your money!

Together with the caring guidance and compassionate leadership of Lisa Brumm, we will learn step-by-step actions you can take before finding an Attorney! We’ll explore all the areas of Money: Retirement, Social Security Secrets, Mutual Funds, Support for You as the Spouse and Child Support “rule of thumb to follow”, Budgets, yeah.. all will be explained in plain English!

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Promise to You: If you do not learn at least One Valuable Money Hack, You will get your money back! Pinkie Swear????

The event is finished.

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