Girlfriend Talks With Francine Read

To have the ability to bring Women with such highcaliber and esteem right to you live on your laptop is so exciting!!

Look who’s next!!!

Francine Read of Portland’s lecture series, Voices, Inc!!!

More about Francine:

In 1993, Francine Read founded VOICES, INC. creating the VOICES Lecture Series featuring the world’s most interesting women and many of the hottest women speakers on the circuit today.

VOICES is a four-part lecture series at the Tiffany Center in downtown Portland. It is not a woman’s issues forum but a series that addresses a wonderful array of issues as seen from women’s perspectives. Both women and men are welcome to participate. VOICES’ mission is to bring women’s voices to the podium and to support women to greatness…..

In light of COVID, VOICES is pivoting producing the VOICES Reunion Tour, a monthly Zoom interview with past speakers of VOICES and a few surprises along the way.

More information can be found on the Tour and the Series.

By Clicking GOING as your RSVP, you’ll get a Zoom link the day of the event, *(or sooner if you say, Please?)

The event is finished.

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