Girlfriend Talks with Cosette Leary

Cosette “CoCo” Leary

If you haven’t met her yet… She’s a Force for Good!
~Motivational ~Transformational ~Speaker
~Public Figure

From poverty to a life of hope, from a life of hope to a life of service and prosperity!

She loves to live out loud & with No Apologies!

She is a jubilant Motivational Speaker, Professional Coach, Author, and Educator who has overcome a childhood of poverty, abuse, growing up in orphanages, group homes, and foster homes since the tender age of 12, and finding herself pregnant with her first child at 14 years old.

Come find out more about her and from her in this Summer Series of Inspiring & Diverse Stories of Community Leaders!!

Girlfriend Talks brings you hope and your cup is
filled to the end!!

Team MFG Welcomes you, girlfriends and new friends!!

RSVP “Going” & you’ll recurve the Zoom link to join us in community!

The event is finished.

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