Meet Your Financial Girlfriends

A Shame-Free Zone

Do you want an Intentional & Purpose-driven money system that can be set up with ease?

From working in Banking to the Financial Industry, I witnessed where women were not taken seriously, and yet, we are an economic purchasing force in the US.

As women we do everything together. We talk about our relationships together, we go shopping together, we go to the bathroom together… but the one thing we don’t do together is talk about our money!

Allow us to be your financial girlfriends, those you come to and discuss your money issues and seek a plan of action.

Meet the Girlfriends

Lisa Brumm


Who I am
I love transforming Money into a “Girlfriend” chat and not one that scares you into sleepless nights. I understand the world of finance and teach people in simple and approachable conversation. I encourage women to fully understand with their passion towards all possibilities, specifically focus on real life, compassion, kindness and generosity.

What I do
My philosophy is simple & freshly unique, especially from within the financial industry. I whole- heartedly believe that all income-producing Americans, especially women deserve & have the right to work with a licensed financial professional and  have an in-depth discussion on how fees work in the industry.

Our clients are surprised, and even shocked that a financial services firm has strategies for paying off debt, building savings, and empowerment with personalized systems for their goals in a “no-shame” professional and compassionate environment.

We are independent brokers and explain industry fees in a forthright transparent method to all clients no matter their income levels. We foster a shame-free zone and collaborate with clients to help them pursue financial targets with learned efficiency.

Five keywords about myself
financial, girlfriend, approachable, empowerment, purposeful

My accomplishments
Lisa Brumm has been recognized by US News & World Money in 2015 as one of Portland’s Top 100 Advisors*. She is one of KOIN TV’S “Women Crush Wednesday” community leaders and is often seen on Channel 2 AMNW speaking about Women & Money in real life terms. As a National Speaker, Lisa brings a fierce energy that empowers women to leap for their big life and has women trusting their innate financial intuition.

I’m passionate about
Money, Women and Innovation! With over 30 years of financial experience, I am just as much the financial pro, as I am a caring girlfriend, who will give you tips and the straight scoop for your money in a collaborative & non-judgmental way!

My philosophy is simple & freshly unique, especially from within the archaic male-dominated financial industry. When the financial industry cannot even market to women financial professionals, how can female consumers feel heard? I am breaking down barriers for people who do not want to be “mansplained” any longer. I stand for approachable money strategies, girlfriend chats, and sharing thoughtfulness.

Creating fantastic plans takes courage, so do not do this alone. My Financial Girlfriend believes in collaboration and empowerment to take positive steps forward with a girlfriend who has got your back.

My favorite charities are
Connect to Success member, W Forum in 2017 Speaker and Interviewed for W Pulse 2019 Podcast, Girl Scouts Leader, Donor of Arts & Music Literacy

Additional information
Known for being a true friend who says good things behind your back and the bad things to your face!!

Ania Lomas


Who I am

I am the Director of Operations for My Financial Girlfriend. I am often referred to as the “glue” that holds our team together.

What I do

I have my hands in many parts of our business, but when I’m not busy keeping our team in communication to be sure we are servicing our clients the best that we can, you will find me processing paperwork, making calls to clients and/ or our vendors to check on status’s or get further action taken. I also  set our clients up with online access to view their own accounts and send our back office the support documents required for each transaction we complete.

I am passionate about

I am passionate about helping my team as they help others, especially women, feel powerful and confident about their futures. More than anything I want you to feel comfortable and confident in all the options you have and understand that everyone’s opportunities don’t always look the same. We offer a very specific style of assisting our clients 1-1 to meet you where you are.

My hobbies and interests

I enjoy spending time with my sweetheart, traveling, good food, wine tasting, reading , being outdoors and watching the Portland Timbers Soccer Team.

Girls just want to have funds!

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